It’s been a minute!

I’ve been meaning to write about my cycling experience in Mallorca, however, things have been hectic and stressful amid all these covid19 news! ( I will write about this someday)

Am grateful that my family and I are doing well and trying to stay as positive as possible even when everything around is very scary with all the bad news which am sure we all know whats the current situation.

On a positive note, Tanzania has been receiving divine favours by having only few cases of the covid19 and zero deaths, which is amazing since we know some of the countries are having it very hard. I hope the number of cases will decrease and not increase.

In Riyadh, the kingdom have been taking great precautions and this is our third week all international flights have been suspended, schools have been closed, restaurants and malls are closed, and we have a new curfew where no one should be out after 7pm and before 6am.

The process has been very smooth so far and we appreciate the efforts. We all need to keep doing our part until this situation is managed and controlled.

Everyone has been fairly considerate and people have not gone crazy with toilet paper shopping😅 or food shopping like what we hear from other countries which is very good and refreshing. The only thing that runs out as soon as its restocked is hand sanitizers.

All our travels plans for this year have been cancelled at a moment and its okay. Once everything is back to normal we’ll evaluate and decide on what to do.

I appreciate all the health care people and authorities who are on the frontline fighting against this pandemic disease, I hope we all stay grounded and safe to help them help those in need of their services.

Sending love and positivity to everyone out there, we’re in this together and lets not forget to pray for each other.

One thought on “It’s been a minute!

  1. Glad to hear you are safe and sound. And it truly has been a blessing to be safe and sound since this pandemic is the scariest it’s ever been but God has been amazingly faithful and gracious.

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