How does covid-19 affect my travels?

I first heard about it end of december 2019 and to be honest, I did not know much and had no knowledge about it apart from the scary news from the media platforms. I decided to educate myself about this scary disease and will share what I learnt and hopefully someone else will benefit from this.

Corona virus is an outbreak of disease that is believed to have started from Wuhan, China and its believed to have originated from the seafood market in Wuhan which also sells wild animals.

Symptoms are dry cough, fever and breathing problems. It seems pretty mild to lots of people and probably dont even end up to the hospital. But, we only know about the more severe cases where people have developed viral pneumonia and those people obviously ended up at the hospital and all deaths have been amongst those people.

Most patients are over 40 years of age and the youngest diagnosed is 12/13 years which means small children have not been affected. Those who died in most cases had other health issues already like heart diseases, cancer, etc which made them vulnerable. Unfortunately, there’s no actual treatment for the virus.

Should you wear a mask? Most public health authorities say its not necessary if you are okay. However, keep distance from anyone who has a cough because they dont think particals can travel more than a metre away.

In China they are advised to wear masks so that they can protect people who are not sick and thats because many people have the virus already and they need to keep fighting against it. While in other countries its not as bad and its not really a sensible precaution to wear a mask if not sick.

Now back to the question, have I changed any travel plans because of Covid19? Yes. The situation is scary and all we hear on the media is the bad news of how number of death is increasing daily. We had to cancel our March trip and hopefully in the near future the situation will improve and we will start to hear more of the good news and less of the bad news.

I guess one can only decide to either change the travel plans or not depending on where they are going and what feels right to them. Also lets not forget to be human by saying hurtful things to people from the countries with high rate of infection. To some, these places are home and others have lost their loved ones to Corona Virus which means its hard as it is, no need to rub salt on an open wound.

So many sectors have been affected in the world, tourism and entertainment sectors being directly affected because so many things have been cancelled or are being rescheduled. Stay safe, be positive and be helpful by educating people about Covid19 and prevention.Don’t forget to spread Love! Together we can fight against this Corona Virus.

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