Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This trip was not on my annual travel plans last year, however, it was one of the highlights of my trips especially after I decided I want to start writing about my travel experiences. And I was lucky to have my U.S visa, I didn’t need to apply for one in Mexico!

My trip to Puerto Vallarta was long😅 very long!! By the way, its pronounced Puerto Vayarta. I was in Riyadh, but I had to go to Dar es salaam, drop off my son, then flew to Miami to surprise my young sister who had no clue I was there, then finally flew into Mexico and had a very long layover of 7 hours before I made it to Puerto Vallarta! (It was worth it, I promise)

I met amazing young women, very well connected and doing amazing things out in the world. I learnt so much from them and it inspired me with the light of how to start on my journey.

I stayed at Hotel SanTropico, such a beautiful colourful place with lots of cute spots for pictures or just relaxing, very spacious rooms with a lounge area and a furnished kitchen. Loved it and I had two beautiful roommates in the villa.

This lovely hotel is just 5 minutes drive from the airport and its about 2 usd per ride with an uber. The hotel staff were very friendly and I will never forget the delicious authentic mexican food that was prepared daily for us.

I also spent a day in Sayulita with the girls, it was about an hour drive from Hotel San Tropico. Sayulita was an interesting city/village surrounded by beautiful beaches and decorated shopping streets. I tried the local food and again it was very good.

I was lucky to visit Sabal Playa beach club in Nuevo Vallarta for the day ( thanks to the pangea dreams team) I had the best guacamole that I wont forget anytime soon. The mexican cuisine was very authentic and delicious in a very artistic way! And when the sun is setting, you get to enjoy different shades of the sky, from yellow, orange to pink, just amazing and highly recommended.

I did not know what to expect in mexico, however, I enjoyed my time with the girls and learnt some few spanish words. I am grateful to have experienced it with the pangea dreams team. (Follow them on their ig: @pangeadreams and if you decide to join us on the next retreat please check out their website and don’t forget to mention, I recommended them to you❤️)

2 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  1. Amazing unexpected journey. Very inspired to someday travel freely as you do and explore the world to the best of my abilities as God would allow and grand access.

    You are a family oriented blogger who shows with great planning any trip is a possibility. #LOVEIT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much and am glad you’re inspired, looking forward to seeing you exploring the world.. and dont leave me behind😜❤️


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