Traveling with a child!

Traveling with my son has been a game changer! I can’t just wake up in the morning and decide to go anywhere without thinking of who can help take care of him while am gone, if I’m not taking him with me. Or what I need to take with me and if I need to do the last minute shopping or not. It’s all about planning and more planning.

On the first trip with my son, we were going to Munich, and I thought I was prepared enough and had everything I thought I would need to make our trip smooth and we considered a night flight because he would sleep through the night which he did for most of it thankfully.

What I forgot to pack was my change of clothes in the carry-on bag and ofcourse he got sick right before take-off and threw up on me😅 the only thing I had was a kitenge that I used to cover myself over my then soaked tshirt after he was changed.

So here’s the list of the things you need to consider when traveling with your little ones😁

  • Checklist – have a checklist on everything you think you might need in the flight and on your entire trip. I love traveling light so this helps not to overpack or forget anything important.
  • Food – have your childs’ food or milk and snacks prepared and packed. I had the avent milk powder dispenser that worked amazing for me. But anything that works for you consider it.
  • Wet wipes and diapers – can you imagine if you forget to pack either of these for whatever reasons? Haha.. I can assure you it wont be fun and it might turn out to be one of your longest eventful flight.
  • Toys – dont forget the favorite toys if he/she has any. These will come to your rescue when you least expect it. Keep your child busy and entertained (most parents are against screen time these days but please do whatever that works for you both)
  • Backpack over a cute handbag – when I’m traveling with my son I prefer having a backpack over my regular travel handbag and a carry on bag because its easier to manage and have more storage room.
  • Portable baby stroller/pram – whoever invented these things is a genius and i love him/her. Portables strollers come handy at the airports and if you love traveling light then you dont need to take your regular stroller if its big. Life becomes much easier with a stroller.
  • Be spontaneous – when you travel with a child you have to be ready to change plans because sometimes they fall asleep and you dont want to wake them up. And sometimes they get cranky or they just get tired.
  • Child friendly accommodations – these days I always think about playrooms or playgrounds and toddlers activities. Play area in the facility is always a bonus and keeps the kids busy when at the hotel. And for long layovers try to find the play area at the airport, most of them have one.

Traveling with kids is not always cute, do what you’ve got to do to make that flight and trip as smooth as possible. If you have any suggestions that are not listed please comment below and it might be helpful to someone.

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