How do I manage to Travel?

Traveling is fun, expensive and can be exhausting and frustrating (Yes. I said it) and it takes a lot of efforts to be able to go to places but also very thrilling and exciting. I love it 🙂 So, how do I manage to travel?

Mallorca, Spain

At this point I also check on the nearest consulate or embassy from where I’ll be applying from (in my case Tanzania). If there’s no representatives in the country, I would email them to ask on how to best send in my applications and what is the process.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the clean arranged stamps!

First, I normally research on the places I want to go and if I can go. What does this mean? It means before I decide where to go next I must know what are the visa requirements considering our passport is not that strong, I almost always need a visa.


If the respective country has visa exemption with a certain visa, they will always tell you on their response. (By the way, you can ask of this information too if they do not mention on the email and email communication is best because I can always show the immigration at the entry point if needed. They sometimes have 1000 questions so it helps when you beat them to it with correct information and it might save you both time)


For example, I applied for multiple entry schengen visa last year when I wanted to go to Croatia. It was easier for me that way because they do not have any representatives in Tanzania. And I used my US visa to enter Mexico too. We have a consulate in Dar es salaam, however, the US visa made it easier for me and gave me an opportunity to connect with my Pangea Dreams family.

Pangea Dreams Family (Mexico)

Once I have all the necessary details, I start planning. This is where I check my finances and calendar. I plan most of my annual trips end of November or early December. If you want to travel you must have the budget for it, and depending on what you want or where you want to go; you can decide on when to start the visa application process and when to book your flights and accommodation(s).


Its good to be keen on when to send in your applications and in most embassies you can apply for your visa as early as three months prior to your travel and allow up to 14 working days as visa processing time. (It could take less days depending on the embassy/consulate procedures)

Mindset and Determination, you have to want it bad enough to make it happen. There are always challenges in life and reasons not to do something you love but If you set your mind to it and are determined you can travel to more places than you ever thought you could! I understand that traveling is very expensive and more when you’re in Tanzania. (Flight fares can be insanely expensive)


However, you don’t need to fly business class to reach your destination and it does not have to be a five-star hotel accommodation at your destination. This means you can still reach your desired destination and visit the tourists attractions and eat the local food and enjoy learning the new culture on a budget.


And if you are not ready to travel out of the country, its okay, there’s so many people coming to your country to enjoy the above mentioned and you can do the same! Go to that city and explore the tourist attractions, learn the history, visit those national parks, climb the mountains, cycle to undiscovered locations, enjoy the nature and do not forget to have fun.

Dar Active Cyclists (DAC)

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